Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc.

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc. is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Louisville. Their mission is to help people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life. Goodwill began partnering with Incipio Workforce Solutions in September 2015.  Goodwill asked that IWS step in to create a standard hiring process for their 65 stores statewide.  Each store had their own hiring process which was resulting in quick hiring decisions and inconsistent filtering contributing to high turnover.

Initial review of the current situation allowed IWS to see the many holes that were in the current process.  Given the strong need of any organization, especially one this large, to be consistent in the handling of candidates, IWS used this analysis to pull best practices from each location.  Together, with our Goodwill HR partners, a process was created for the company as a whole to filter candidates and ensure a more stable workforce.

Change management was a large part of this partnership.  Many managers had completely handled recruiting on their own for years and not everyone embraced the new process quickly.  Those that did saw how easy it was to partner with Incipio and the amount of time it saved them.  They were key in getting others to have buy-in to the newly created system.

Results after the first 90 days of implementing the new process were extraordinary.  The 90 day turnover of new employees was almost cut in half saving the Goodwill a great deal of money on interview time, onboarding and training costs.  The 9-month project with Goodwill was extended, twice. 

The final results over 18 months were:


90-Day Turnover Rate
Pre-Incipio (Percent)


90-Day Turnover Rate
Post-Incipio (Percent)


Applicants Processed


Individuals Hired

At the end of the project Goodwill was able to bring the process in-house. Their new recruiters were trained by IWS staff on the process so that the transition was seamless. We are pleased we were able to assist such a great organization so that they can have a stable workforce and focus on their true mission.