Houston-Johnson, Inc.

HJI is a provider of logistic services in Louisville for Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies as well as many other industries.  HJI reached out to Incipio Workforce Solutions in January 2016 regarding a pending contract that would require them to add 125 people to their workforce.  At that time HJI decided that they would fulfill that need with temporary workers rather than increase their workforce.  IWS presented HJI with a great deal of information regarding the cost savings and quality of workforce if they chose to forego temporary workers and fill the need with direct hires.

HJI internally continued to discuss the options and reached out to IWS mid-April 2016 asking to move forward with hiring 125 individuals to start by the end of June 2016.  It took about two weeks to get the systems up and running for HJI which gave Incipio eight weeks to get 125 individuals recruited, interviewed, processed and started.

To accomplish this, a full court press was instituted to quickly attract top talent.  The positions were posted, job fairs were attended, commercials were created and ran on TV and social media was used, all to reach potential candidates.  Over the next 8 weeks, Incipio netted the following results:




Applicants Phone Screened


Offers Processed


Individuals Hired

Incipio Workforce Solutions is proud of the quick action we were able to take to assist HJI with their new contract. After the project was staffed, IWS was able to continue working with HJI to train their team so that HJI could move forward with a consistent, streamlined recruiting process with their new internal recruiting staff.