Direct Hire Staffing Agency Louisville KY

Direct Hire Staffing Agency Louisville, KY

We’ve all been there.

A pile of resumes, a list of references, a schedule of interviews, and the pressure to find the right person for the right jobs to get results. Finding the best person for your company is tricky. It requires swift judgment, instant trust, and quick decisions, it is impossible to do in a one 30-minute interview.

That’s when you need reinforcements.

Incipio is the ultimate recruitment services partner. We create a network between professionals looking for a career and expanding corporations looking for people.

We attract job seekers who have experience, education, qualifications, and are looking for open positions in Louisville, KY and the surrounding area. Incipio is not like other staffing agencies that waste time keeping a constant stockpile of “qualified applicants” to pull from.

Once we understand the needs of your company we find you unique individuals that are qualified so you don’t waste your time and resources in an endless process of resume scanning.

What Can Incipio Do For You?

Our recruiting process has been proven to get the best candidates for you by taking the time needed to get to know you.

Our recruitment service starts with a discovery meeting. We visit your company, actually learn what is it like to work at your office and what kind of person you are looking for so we make sure you get a cultural fit, not just someone who fits the job posting. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we get to work.

Discover how you can hire the right person for the job the first time. Contact us today to start your New Hire search.

Our Recruitment Process

Before we begin formal recruitment services, we create a proposal that outlines the scope of work to be completed. Transparency is our goal and we want to be clear about what we provide (and what we do not).

The proposal explains what you can expect and how the process works so there are no surprises. It establishes a strong relationship for our clients from the beginning so they are both involved and accepting of the process.

Step 1. Writing a Job Posting

As soon as the proposal is complete, we send our expert writers to work, crafting a unique job posting that encompasses everything you are looking for.

We don’t use cookie-cutter job postings. We write each one individually with attention to detail. We will keep you in the loop with each step of the recruitment process, so you can see exactly what is happening and approve any written information before it is finalized.

Step 2. Finding Winning Talent

Once we have an accurate job posting, we post your job using our own proven methods. Our network is the best in the industry for finding the right candidates in your area of expertise.

We explore all the major job seeker websites as well as local boards and newspaper options, depending on the position. We make sure the listing is clear, engaging, and gets the most coverage so we catch a wide range of candidates.

Step 3. Kwantek Operating Style Assessment

For each applicant, we provide a thorough operating style assessment. This assessment was developed through years of research for the purpose of identifying working styles and personality types. By using this system, we have the unique ability to determine an individual’s overall approach to interaction with others, organization, and problem solving.

This allows us to identify those individuals that would be a good fit for your company and your position with a remarkable degree of certainty.

Step 4. Applicant Tracking System

We make it easy to filter through applicants and sort based on individual criteria. If you’re looking only for those who have specific skills, keywords, experience, or education, we can provide that for you. Our applicant tracking system is among the most sophisticated in the industry to give you exactly what you’re looking for without sifting through stacks of paperwork.

Step 5. The Interview Process

We prescreen a long list of candidates before we begin the interview process. We look carefully at each resume, reference, and Kwantek Assessment to find those that fit both the job posting and the cultural qualities you are looking for.

Once we have a strong list of potentials, we schedule initial phone interviews to meet the candidates before bringing you our recommendations. Our extensive experience in interviewing job candidates gives us a unique ability to quickly identify candidates who would make a good fit. If we are not confident in our selections, we start over until we find someone perfect for you.  Once we find the best in the bunch, we schedule in person interviews between the job seekers and your team.

Step 6. Screening and Background Check

After the interview process you will decide who to extend an offer to. We contact the candidate on your behalf, and once an offer is accepted we send the new hire through an extensive background check which includes drug screening.

Once the results are in, and they pass with flying colors, it’s time to schedule their first day

Step 7. Employee Onboarding

Our job doesn’t stop after the papers are signed. We provide a long-range approach to ensure your new employees receive the training they need and feel confident in their position.

We provide leader training programs, mentoring, administration, and reporting so you can rest assured your new team member is ready to hit the ground running.

Why Is Direct Hire Staffing Better?

Sure, you could call a temp agency and have a warm body in your office within a few hours. It’s cheap, easy, and seems to work, but is it effective? Probably not. Here’s why:

Temp agencies don’t attract the right type of candidate. According to the American Staffing Association, most temporary workers are not looking for full time employment.

In an article by Incipio’s Owner, Molley Ricketts, she found that mearly half of those working temp jobs are hoping to be offered a full time position. The other half are only looking for a way to pay their bills for a short period of time.

Generally speaking, this doesn’t describe the type of person who would be loyal and hard working. Direct hire is the best way to find exactly what you’re looking for the long term for instead of hoping for the luck of the draw.

Many companies think they are saving money by using a temp agency because they don’t have to pay out benefits, but hiring the right person the first time can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

If you hire 20 temporary workers at $15 per hour, another $5 per hour goes to temp fees. Over the course of the quarter, you will pay $192,000 in wages, of which $48,000 will go to fees. All 20 people you hire may have the potential to be full time employees, but since half of those people aren’t looking for permanent work, let’s say you hire 20 percent, or four full-time employees out of the original 20 workers.

If this trend continues throughout the year, you will continue to pay $192,000 per quarter, which amounts to $768,000 over the course of a year in the employment slot machine, hoping you get someone worth hiring on permanently.

Instead, you could save time and money through direct hire staffing which provides you the right person at the right time for the right job.

Temporary agencies provide little or no training before work begins and minimal follow up after the job has started. As a result, they have a higher rate of turnover, and no shows because the temporary employees don’t have a vested interested in the company.

At Incipio Workforce Solutions, our direct hire staffing provides extensive leadership training, support, follow-up, and a minimum 60-day guarantee so you can have confidence that you’re receiving qualified and prepared individuals. That means if the person you decide to hire quits or does not end up being a good fit for your needs within 60 days of hire, we will find you a new one at no additional cost.

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