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You’ve been to school, got your degree, got the training, you’ve prepped your resume, primed your cover letter, and you’re ready to go.

Now what?

Sure, you can cruise the classifieds, or surf the web for job openings, but wouldn’t it be easier to find one place that has the exact job listings you’re looking for and a simple way to apply for all of them in one easy step?

Welcome to Incipio. We do job searching differently. We provide direct hire services with job openings that actually match your qualifications and provide recruiters that put you on the path to a career, not just a job.

We hire professionals in a broad range of fields including:

  • Marketing/Creative
  • Administrative & Clerical
  • Customer Service
  • Industrial
  • Legal
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Home Services (Plumber, Flooring, HVAC, etc.)

Tired of just having a job and ready for a career? Check out all our current job openings. 

We aren’t your ordinary staffing agency, providing busy work jobs to fill the time. We are a direct hire only organization. This means that we hire professionals for full-time positions looking to creating a career to be proud of.

Whether this is your first professional job, or you are starting over to rebuild your career in a new industry, we can help you find a full-time job with security, benefits, and the confidence you’ve been looking for.

What Can Incipio Do For You?

Job Access: Incipio has access to job openings you won’t find on any website or job board. These are open positions listed exclusively for Incipio by the company itself. We provide a wide range of professional opportunities that can jumpstart, regain, or energize your career.

Our open positions are designed for professionals looking for the next big step in their chosen field. We have new opportunities being posted every day, and the tools to get you there.

Activity: Nothing is worse than applying for jobs only to wait around for days, or sometimes weeks on end waiting to hear a response. That’s not how we do things at Incipio.

Once you have applied for openings and determined which ones are a good fit, we make sure your job search remains active and moving. We start with a phone screening, and if you are selected for an employer interview, we move forward with the process quickly to ensure progress.

When a job offer is extended, we help you with any necessary paperwork to ensure your first few days go smoothly.

Analysis: After you submit your resume to each position that interests you, we provide you with a comprehensive Kwantek Analysis. This assessment provides potential employers with an in-depth look at your personality and operating style to be sure that you get a job that fits not only your qualifications but also your working style.

Employers learn more about you in five key areas:

  • Thinking Strategy: Your approach to interactions and problem solving. Perhaps you seek structure, steps, and processes or maybe you thrive under a more fluid organization with flexible possibilities.
  • Control: How do you handle control and leadership? Are you a take-charge type of person, or more of a team player? This may determine the types of jobs that will give you strength and confidence.
  • People: How do you interact with others, and how does that impact your energy and communication throughout the workday? Are you more reserved or people driven? Do you get energy from those around you or do you prefer quiet processing time before discussing your feelings? This helps you to determine what type of jobs you are most comfortable in day-to-day.
  • Focus: Are you a multi-tasker? Or focus-based? Maybe you’d prefer a job where lots of things are happening at once and each day is different, or perhaps a quiet one-on-one approach is better.
  • Knowledge: Are you a barrier breaker, or a fact finder? You may work well in an environment where you have to make decisions based on little information, or another where details are crucial.

Upon hiring, we go over this assessment with you and your new employer to discuss ways that everyone can work to make your new career that last one you will ever want.

It is important to note that Incipio does not provide career counseling, we provide an analysis to help you select jobs on your own that you believe will be a good fit.

Learning more about yourself and your working style can be the difference between a dead-end job and a thriving career. We are here to bridge the gap and put you on the path to success.

No, We Are Not a Temp Agency

Incipio goes beyond finding you a temporary gig between paychecks. The goal is to find your career, not another job.

A temporary employment agency is looking to find workers for project work, seasonal peaks, or limited, short-term needs. Temp work has a set time-frame and it often random work that may or may not fit your skills or preferences. Most often, your paycheck comes from the temp agency, not directly from the employer.

Direct hire positions from Incipio are permanent, full-time positions that generally come with benefits. We take the time to match you with a career, a company, and a culture that match your own values.

We want to find what is most important to you, and give you the opportunity to find that in a career that you actually enjoy. Our agency is specialized to match qualifications and personality, with exclusive job openings you won’t find anywhere else.

Get Started With Your Job Search

Starting a career has never been easier. The first step is to peruse our job listings. We add new openings every day, so it’s easy to find something that fits your skills.

Once you’re ready to apply, simply enter your email address and register for an account. It’s quick and easy and we always keep your information completely secure. Once you’re registered, it’s easy as just click and scroll. Search and apply for jobs, and we will take it from there.

Everything can be completed online at your own pace. Once you find the position you love, we handle the screening process and schedule an in-person interview. If you’re the chosen candidate, you are directly hired onto the company payroll.

Most jobs posted on Incipio come with the option of full benefits package including health insurance for you and your family, 401K availability, and retirement options.

The companies that work with us know that they are getting the most qualified, well-matched candidates for their job openings. They come to us looking for that missing link to add to their team.

That person could be you! Get started today and find the career of your dreams.

Your New Career Is Closer Than You Think. Get Hired Today!