Recruitment and Retention Consulting Louisville KY

Recruiting & Retention Consulting Louisville, KY

Is your turnover going through the roof?

Do you feel like you’re constantly hiring new people?

Do you seem to have the same employee problems over and over again?

Is hiring paperwork taking over your life?

We get it.

That’s why Incipio has developed a Recruiting and Retention Practices Consulting system for evaluating and tweaking your hiring practices to ensure they are working for you, and not you working for them. Through our extensive review process, we compare your company with some of the best practices in the industry for a business of your size.

We create a complete picture of your policies, training, leadership, employees, and untapped potential. With more information available to you than ever before, you can make the HR improvements necessary to break through the boundaries you’ve created and be more successful than you thought possible.

Are your recruitment processes working for or against you? Our 360-degree review can tell you! Contact us to learn more. 

Experience Our 360-Degree Review

Legal Compliance

Employment compliance can cost your business big bucks if you do not ensure you are meeting all state and federal regulations. Using our applicant tracking system ensures that you are abiding by legal requirements including FSLA policies and procedures, employee investigations, affirmative action and more.

If a full audit of current processes is needed we have experienced partners we work with to evaluate your existing hiring system. We’ve got you covered where it matters most.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting is easy, strategy is not. We have the expertise and resources to give you a better recruitment and selection strategy that pays off.

Our Recruiting practices consulting begins by identifying your short-term and long-term goals, and the skills needed to get there. Then, we can help you find the right people to move your company forward.

New Hire and Orientation

Handing new employees a handbook and having them watch a video does not count as effective orientation. We develop programs to get new employees up to speed faster and more effectively than ever before.

Our company hiring practices consulting programs have shown to reduce turnover, supervising and training time, startup costs, and increase satisfaction.

Compensation, Benefits and Salary Administration

Are you paying too much? Or losing employees to others who pay more? We help you in all areas of compensation analysis and company hiring practices to keep you competitive in your current market.

Our recruitment and retention practices consulting experts can also help in times of a merger, acquisition, or hiring your very first employee.

File and Record Maintenance

Paperwork isn’t a glamorous part of any job, but it still needs to be done. Escape the stacks of papers piling up with our file and record maintenance system. We can help establish a simply way to retain the records you need and get rid of the paperwork you don’t.

Policies and Procedures

Creating standardized expectations, consistency in decisions, and uniform resolutions protects your company and benefits your employees. We help to develop and maintain policies and procedures based on best practiced to fit any company of any size.

Team Training and Development

Our goal is to help your company evolve into success. We provide team training and development to help you discover how your employees work best together and can help your team success grow even more.

Employee Relations and Communications

Relationships and communication can either cripple your company, or catapult it to the top. We help to enhance employee relationships, establish conflict resolution strategies, create employee recognition programs, and establish performance review standards to build a new company culture that makes it easier to be successful as a team.


Letting an employee go is one of the hardest responsibilities of the HR department. We can help make this transition a little easier for both the employer and the employee by conducting honest exit interviews, and ensuring that each step of the process is carefully executed to avoid potential liability concerns.

Succession Planning

What if your critical talent was gone tomorrow? What would happen to the company? Succession planning is about keeping talent in the pipeline, and creating seamless movement within the organization.

We work with you to identify skills gaps, increase training, and invest in your employees by retaining crucial knowledge.

Organizational Design and Effectiveness

Is your current organization flow chart working for you? Are some employees overworked while others are not being utilized to their full potential?

There is not a one-size-fits-all flow chart, so we evaluate your business design and ensure that the needs, culture, and performance of your business is effective.

Evolution of Workplace Culture

What worked 50 years ago doesn’t work today. In many cases, what worked last year might not work today. The workplace is quickly changing, and keeping up with the times can be difficult, especially in family-owned businesses, or companies with extensive history of doing things one way.

We help to revolutionize broken systems, puzzling processes, and ensure that your business is not left behind.



Get Started

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. We recommend starting with a Stakeholder Survey. This can be done with employees, members of the board, key customers, potential customers, or the general community. Our simple survey gets to the heart of the issues that are plaguing your company.

Our survey is not just another mindless, endless, boring sheet of paper that is likely to be forgotten or tossed aside. As the first step in the process, we get everyone involved and guarantee a high rate of return. With a third-party asking the questions, you may be surprised how honest the responses are.

After the survey period is complete, we break down the issues into the top three categories of recruitment and retention improvements which require attention. This provides the outline and framework for moving forward.

As change is implemented, we come back to this method of survey every three months to evaluate progress and make continual room for improvement.

Does It Work?

It’s hard to measure anything without a ruler. We create meaningful reporting on what you value most so you can see exactly what you’re getting on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Our reporting methods cover everything from recruitment to culture to bring a new level of transparency and clarity to your organization.

Change Can Be Hard, But It Is So Worth It

When you are held back by age-old processes, bogged down by outdated policies, and encumbered by office politics, nothing gets done. Break through the barriers of change and discover a fresh, unbiased perspective.

We use your current systems, your current people, and your own organization to help you grow more than ever before.

Chances are if you find yourself saying, “well that’s how we’ve always done it,” it’s time to change something.

Big changes often bring big opportunities. Our professional services break down the challenges you face and creates manageable goals, obtainable standards, and process improvements to reorganize, revitalize, and redefine what was into what is possible.

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