Teaming Building Louisville KY

Team Building Louisville, KY

In today’s workplace, “team building” has become a buzz-word, synonymous with trust falls, ropes course, and lots (and lots) of eye rolling. Despite its reputation for being forced friendship and boring seminars, team building can be one of the best investments you can make.

What Not To Do

A company picnic or a campfire sing-along might not elicit the response you are hoping for. If your team has deep conflicts, inviting everyone to play paintball might not be the best idea.

Team building should be individualized to meet the goals you have in mind while catering to the crowd you have. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Getting out of the office is always a good idea, but you don’t want to force everyone to spend a day doing something completely pointless.

Instead, meet your team where they already are, and work with what you have to begin to transform the company culture. Team building can be both rewarding and effective when it is done right.

Create Success

What’s the goal? Is your team tense? Or indifferent? Does management need to be involved? How much time do you have? You don’t always need to have a weekend getaway to work out internal issues.

Focus on what is really important and start there. O2E Brands has been voted one of the best places to work in the country. Why? CEO Brian Scudamore says part of his company’s success is due to effective team building experiences.

Team building increases retention by giving everyone a sense of purpose, belonging, and value within the company. He says the best activities are those that don’t feel like another day at the office or sitting in through a presentation on communication.

Instead, share an experience, try something new, unique, and get people out of their comfort zones and build trust and communication in the process.

Get the most out of every member of your team. Find out more about our Work Style Assessments.

Team Building With Incipio

Have you ever tried to provide a solution when you don’t know the problem? It’s impossible. No amount of weekend getaways are going to cure a team that doesn’t see eye to eye in the workplace.

We start by identifying the real issues, those problems beneath the surface, the reasons underneath the conflicts.

This unique approach to team building begins by providing an in-depth analysis of your team one-by-one.  We analyze how each individual member contributes to the overall culture and success (or hindrance) of your organization.

This breakdown comes from the Kwantek Operating Style Assessment, which pinpoints communication and working styles within your group. By identifying the way people think, control, work, make decisions, and communicate, you can understand how to help your team work together more effectively.

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses within the group, you have created a baseline for moving forward, and a tangible roadmap for understanding how your team can work together to maximize productivity and increase retention rates.

Customized Training

Once you understand the work styles of the groups and managers in your organization, we can help you create customized training that can really make a difference.

Our experts help develop opportunities for your team to learn critical skills in communication, criticism, praise, delegation, rewards, recognition, and innovation. After the training, Incipio offers the same 360-degree analysis of the results including valuable feedback for continual improvement.

Incipio helps leaders and teams to work together to create a company culture that is peaceful, productive, and profitable.

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